CREATIVE: Marked by the ability or power to create

If you're an artist, you get what I mean when I talk about the force that pulls at you to create. As working artists our lives are generally filled with work that pays the rent, its not always the Wharholesque soul stimulating stuff we daydreamed of doing way back when...but being a working artist still kicks ass

For myself and my two clutch mates, Kat St John and Shyn Midili we work the wedding business pretty hard. One night over many glasses of wine and long group texts I am fairly certain we counted up a tally of weddings we are working on for 2016 that hits well in to the high 100s. So as much as we love peonies, blush&bashful and braided updos we have to find ways to stretch our minds and create

For this week, it was all about that golden hour of summer sun, you know that light.. its just before sunset and its magic! We grabbed that light by the horns and rode it in to the dark

We hope you enjoy and check back in on our adventures!

Clothing: Horseshoe in Ballard WA

Model: Taina Kanar with TCM Models and Talent 

Photography: Kat St John Photo

Hair and makeup: Anne Timss Makeup and Hair