5 Tools Every Makeup Enthusiast Should Be Using

Hello Friends!

It has been a minute! Between wedding shows, illnesses (that flu!) classes in Seattle and Hawaii and life it has been a busy month for me! Thankfully January is over, February really kicks off the 2017 season for me with early spring weddings tucked in intimate forest settings to big city affairs like the one I worked on last week with New Creations Weddings with Erika Hernandez at The Arctic Club in Seattle! Just wait until you see the photos Alante Photography shot from this one, seriously my gorgeous bride Elise was a knock out! the 2017 season has me booked in some really show stopping locations this year, I hope you stick around to see all the beautiful weddings I will be a part of from Iceland and Napa to Kauai and New Orleans- and a personal trip coming up next month to TOKYO its going to be an amazing year!

Blah blah blah Anne! enough already right? let's chat beauty and the 5 things you really should have in your personal makeup kit

Number one on my list and its a must have for great skin, is your skin prep!  Of course, I have my all time favs for moisturizer, eye cream and more but as long as you are using great product that YOU love and agrees with your skin you are winning! 


We must talk concealer, I work with so many clients who skip this and please don't! A little concealer goes a long way. Once you have prepped your skin like a pro, concealer will serve as your new "less makeup BFF!" I am a HUGE fan of NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer and they just came out with a new one, Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I love the finish, this is great for anything you want to cover, correct and hide on your face but don't swap this for the Creamy Radiance keep that bad boy for under your eyes and use the Soft Matte elsewhere- they are a great team! 

Seal the deal! ok, not that deal but your makeup! Why spend so much time working on your face to only have it wear off mid day? two of my favorite setting sprays are Urban Decay All Nighter and PPI Blue Marble SELR Sealer Spray oh and click that link, happy makeup shopping you are welcome! 

Photo Rick + Anna Photography 

Photo Rick + Anna Photography 

To create beautiful makeup you need good brushes! period and my favorite way to collect them is the super affordable month brush club from Morphe Brushes. For $20 a month you get at least 3 brushes a month shipped to your door click HERE to check out the club its SO worth it! 

These pink little egg shaped things are your makeup BFF! use them damp to perfectly apply your skincare, foundation, concealer, cream blush and so much more! I have tried them all and I swear by the actual Beauty Blender brand hands down above all the knock offs! Shop HERE