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I love a good lash, who doesn't? From killer mascara like YSL, Armani and Chanel to fluffy gorgeous strip lashes from House of Lashes I love it all! However, the really sad truth for so many of us is deeper than a quick lash fix.. many of you like myself are totally lash deprived, its a beauty epidemic ladies and gents! Personally I struggle with mascara, my lashes are fine and short so short in fact that the cult fav Dior Show mascara brush is way too big to use on my eyes (yes boo hoo!) I've thought about lash extensions over the years, and I tried them once before but they took over 2 hours to put on and they fell out fast, after that I was not a fan! Plus we have all seen so many bad extension jobs, and in my line of work you can multiply that times infinity! 

Over the holidays I threw a little in home candle party with the amazing Kelli Marie Design and in walked my friend Laura and all i could see were these stunning lashes, I don't think she even got her coat off by the time I was all up in her business checking them out- I knew right then I would totally give whoever did hers a shot and that Lash expert is the one and only Carol who owns Lashes by Louie in downtown Edmonds WA (visualize the Wayne's World bow right here, so not worthy)


Photo  Kat St John  

Photo Kat St John 

For those who are not familiar, lash extensions are individual silk or mink hairs adhered to your own lashes with a semi-permanent glue. They last anywhere from 3 weeks to a month depending on how you care for them. You start off with what is called a full set and then you go back in for a fill. 

 So I set up an appointment with Carol and with the help of my dear friend and photographer Kat St John  we spent an afternoon in Edmonds and left totally understanding why she has a two week long wait list to get in

After a quick Starbucks run we headed over to Carol's studio. Let me start by saying how cute her shop is! located above the boutique Rogue in downtown Edmonds WA. Carol has this little loft all to herself, which is nice because you don't feel like you are in a busy salon, you feel like a guest in her home.  Now, let me also tell you how clean and tidy her studio is, super important because we all know and have seen places that make you worry a bit! Carol is also totally adorable so kind and welcoming, I get why she has a long standing client list, she also has 10 years of experience- gold in my book. After chatting about how I like to wear my lashes and a few standard questions it was time to lay down and let Carol work her magic

Carol worked quickly while I asked her all the questions I wanted to be able to share with my brides

  • Q How soon before a wedding would you recommend getting lashes applied? Carol suggests getting your first set two month prior to ensure you don't have any allergies to the glue, allowing you time to get used to the volume and length and then getting a fresh fill 2-3 days before your wedding day. I totally agree with this, and I went a little less on the full glam side and I already know that when I go in for my fill I will get those bumped up! 

Q Can you wear mascara on top of the extensions? Yes, you can wear a clear gel or traditional mascara from the mid of the lash to the tips

Q How can I make my lashes last as long as possible between fills? Start out by avoiding water and soap the first 24 hours while the glue sets, so yep you have to bird bath it if you plan to shower. Avoid anything oily near the eyes, oils break down the lash glue so those eye creams and eye makeup removers you will really want to be careful of. Less eye makeup is better, you can still totally rock that smokey eye but to get the most wear out of your set you will want to carefully remove your eye makeup. But here's the beauty of extensions, you don't need as much eye makeup on the daily, so that is why so many women opt for them. 

This is the final product, a full set of gorgeous lashes! and yes I am also brow challenged, read below to my brow post 

If you are in the Seattle area and thinking about getting extensions I highly recommend taking a drive to Edmonds to see Carol. She is so fun to talk with, very experienced and she only took 90 mins to put a full set on for me- bonus! Thank you Carol for having us and I will see you soon :)

Thank you again Kat for all the photos!! Kat St John Photography

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