Well Hello friends!

Hey Guys!

Let me tell you, when I logged on here and looked at the last time I have sent a blog I was like whoa really??... I promise all of you,  I think about writing all the time, like most of us with a passion project of painting or drawing or what have you, time just passes us by, schedules are busy and then you turn around and there IT is staring you in the face screaming, come on now! But don't worry because I have so many stories for you all. I had one really busy summer of logging miles running all of over the place styling brides, commercials, film, professional clients, seniors, boudoir and more.. so you know I have some stories coming your way like one on bridesmaid-zillas (why so many?) Self esteem, what to pack when you travel...aaaannd Kat St John and I have our 2017 lists of favorite beauty products-with a giveaway! 

For now I am just checking in to say HELLO! and let you all know that I opened up my books for my super fun Girls Night In parties! Below are the last weekend dates I have open for 2017 to book your in home beauty party with your friends! These parties are super fun, its the perfect night to invite your girlfriends over, pour the wine and have a blast while me and the team walk you through new tricks and techniques while each of you get a personal lesson with us. 

November 5th
November 11th
November 12th
November 19th
December 9th
December 10th
December 16th
December 17th




Hey its me! 

Hey its me!